Saturday, April 25, 2009

And The Award Goes To ................

Here are the winners from " Caption Writing Contest " .... Congrats !!!

Muthu Kumar

A few captions that popped in my mind.
"Let's get it started" - there should be back ground song of the black eyed peas of the same name.

Or how about
"Hit me baby, one more time" - with Britney's song on the background.

or may be..
Britney's other song, "I am a slave 4 you" suit more... with it's sassy music

And finally my last one....

A quote -
Spare the rod and spoil the child ..... :) hihihi:)

SILVER : Twisted Elegance

President:"Don't call me Osama! Ill smash you now! Its Obama!"
Lara: Osama Osama Osama! nainanana!

BRONZE : ( 2 Winners)

Raj Prasad Hegde - How about "The World Is His Playground!"............
Suranjani HR -
New Player, New Innings - Will it be any Different???